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Cooke Optics introduces 135mm lenses for 5/i Prime, Panchro lens sets

Cooke Optics unveiled 135mm lenses for its 5/i Prime and Panchro lens sets at IBC2011.

The 135mm for the 5/i set has T1.4 speed and the 5/i’s focus ring that illuminates when required, eliminating the need for external lights that affect the shot.

The Panchro 135mm joins the smaller, lighter weight set at T2.8, and adds value to this lower-cost lens range that is finding favor on projects including second unit film shoots, dramas and documentaries.

Both lenses are color-matched and calibrated to all existing Cooke lenses and feature built-in /i Technology, which provides cinematographers, camera operators and post teams with vital metadata, including lens setting, focusing distance, aperture and depth-of-field, hyperfocal distance, and focal length in both metric and imperial measurements.