OCTOPUS Newsroom unveils tablet-based operation

Newsroom computer system specialist OCTOPUS Newsroom announced its new tablet-based operation at IBC2011.

The OCTOPUS Tablet makes specific live information from OCTOPUS Newsroom NRCS available on iPads and Android tablets. This is designed to provide personnel on the studio floor, including the anchor, with the fully up-to-date information they need to run the news on-air.

The OCTOPUS Tablet is a tablet client for the established OCTOPUS6 NRCS. It makes available a selection of live data from the NRCS that is vital for many areas of the news operation, including those on the studio floor, the director and anchor.

Three screens — Rundown view, Anchor view and Media view — show the live status of these three areas that are forever changing as the news evolves.