Australian Broadcaster SBS Streamlines Operations With the Help of Pilat Media Broadcast Management System

Public Television Network Leverages Pilat Media's IBMS to Integrate Content, Sales, and Traffic

LONDON — Jan. 12, 2010 — Australia's Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) has implemented Pilat Media's IBMS to manage sales, traffic, and content as a cornerstone of the public television network's new centralized file-based operation initiative known as STrAPS (Sales, Traffic, Automated Presentation System).

Widely known as "the voice and vision of multicultural Australia," SBS offers a wide range of programming in more than 60 languages to viewers throughout the continent. Prior to STrAPS, the network relied on a nonintegrated, tape-based workflow that was error prone and led to many inefficiencies and delays. SBS wanted to adopt a centralized automated system that would provide a foolproof method of tracking, scheduling, and delivering content and advertising to air while laying a foundation for future growth. Because SBS decided to expand its sales from six metro markets to an additional six regional markets without increasing operational costs, the need for a precise, streamlined workflow was absolutely essential.

After several years of experience using IBMS for content management, SBS chose Pilat Media again as its vendor of choice to integrate content with sales and traffic. Through tight integration with SBS's asset management system, IBMS serves as the STrAPS' gatekeeper — controlling all the information about an item of content as it moves through the workflow.

"IBMS is the custodian of our schedule, and has removed the guesswork from content and advertising management within our operation," said Paul Broderick, director of technology and distribution, SBS Corporation. "One measure of success is that earlier this year we successfully launched a new channel, SBS TWO, without adding any technical or operational staff, which gives you an idea of the realized efficiencies."

Through integration with SBS's asset management system, IBMS captures metadata about each SBS program or commercial at the time of ingest and assigns a unique identifier that enables the content to be tracked using the system's media management capabilities. At any time, operators can log onto the system to determine the status of a piece of content and its whereabouts in the process. IBMS's control mechanism ensures that content is released for transmission according to the broadcast schedule and guarantees that it will be delivered to air as contracted.

"This operational overhaul at SBS is a sterling example of the efficiencies and revenues that can result from choosing the right combination of strategy, staff, and technology. By running a centralized management system for content, traffic, and sales — interfacing with leading playout and automation systems — SBS is achieving its goal of reducing operational costs while dramatically boosting efficiency," said Avi Engel, CEO, Pilat Media.

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