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Leveraging service-aware media networks for new revenue

A new study recommends utilizing what’s called a “service aware media network” (SAMN) architecture to drive revenue opportunities in video production, distribution and delivery over existing IP networks.

The study, by Yankee Group and commissioned by Net Insight, a provider of media transport technology, provides an overview of how service providers can capitalize on the emerging business opportunities developing from today’s changing video and media landscape.

Entitled “New Video Landscape Dynamics Require Smarter Delivery of IP Video,” ( the whitepaper, prepared by the Yankee Group’s Network Research arm, explores how the new video landscape opens up opportunities for IP service providers to become part of the OTT-value chain. It argues the opportunity is heavily contingent upon the providers ability to meet the Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) demands of content owners, media and broadcast companies.

The implementation of a SAMN architecture is critical to meeting the quality demands of premium services, the study said, as it provides service-centric network management that ensures service integrity is upheld throughout the delivery process and improves the performance of the IP network.

As more video traffic continues to flood networks, and the lines between traditional broadcast television and OTT video services are blurring, consumer expectations are increasing and quality will become even more of a challenge. Live content, interactivity and personalized advertising are also complicating network quality issues, the study said.

By leveraging a SAMN architecture, network owners have the capability to re-insert themselves into the content value chain by offering premium video contribution, delivery and distribution networks.

“The great untapped opportunity is for network owners to sell premium access to content owners that can monetize the higher QoE via subscriptions and advertising. This will drive service provider revenues and the needed infrastructure upgrades that can move our whole industry forward,” said Brian Partridge, vice president of Yankee Group's Network Research group and author of the whitepaper.

Once the SAMN architecture is in place for premium QoS and QoE, Partridge outlines how monetization opportunities for service providers are realistic and extensive. For content delivery and distribution, media-aware premium CDNs and OTT hosting services are two areas on most service provider’s strategic agenda and for which a SAMN architecture is ideal and game changing.