Digital Alert Systems and Inovonics Partnership Brings EAS Messaging to RDS-Equipped Radios

LYNDONVILLE, N.Y. -- Sept. 15, 2011 -- Digital Alert Systems, a division of Monroe Electronics and a leading innovator of next-generation Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) and Emergency Alert Systems (EAS), today announced a new technology partnership with Inovonics, developer of Radio Data System (RDS) encoders. The two companies have created an interface between the DASDEC emergency messaging platform and the Inovonics 730 advanced dynamic RDS encoder that enables display of EAS information on RDS-equipped radios.

"When a company is so well-known for its quality EAS equipment, we'd rather work with that company than compete with its technology," said Lukas Hurwitz, sales and marketing manager at Inovonics Inc. "Consequently, partnering with Digital Alert Systems to facilitate EAS messages via RDS just made sense. We've been able to enhance the functionality of our encoding system without spending the time and resources to 'reinvent the wheel.'"

Digital Alert Systems and Inovonics have teamed up to enable provision of EAS messages for display on RDS-equipped radios. An IP interface from the DASDEC emergency messaging platform to the Inovonics 730 encoder allows the encoder to provide not only station, artist, and song information, but also timely emergency alerts to FM radios with RDS-receiving chips.

"When it comes to RDS, our priority is always to enhance the listener experience," added Hurwitz. "If we can add a feature to facilitate EAS messages on consumer radios via RDS, and it only requires that radio stations perform a simple firmware upgrade, it is a perfect value-add for us. The new DASDEC interface makes it just that easy and cost-effective."

The DASDEC-II represents the latest generation of flexible emergency messaging technology. The system was the first acknowledged FCC-certified EAS encoder/decoder capable of receiving CAP messaging and the first CAP alert origination solution to successfully complete FEMA's Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) conformance testing under the consumer and producer designation.

"The DASDEC interface for the Inovonics 730 improves FM radio stations' ability to inform their listeners with the latest EAS messaging, such as severe weather warnings, displayed conveniently along with song and program information," said Bill Robertson, business development manager at DAS. "With this capability, our shared broadcast customers now can offer a service that heretofore was only available to television viewers."

Further information about Digital Alert Systems' EAS products is available by phone at +1 (585) 765-1155 and online at

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Digital Alert Systems is a leading innovator of next-generation Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) and Emergency Alert Systems (EAS). Based in Lyndonville, N.Y. Monroe Electronics provides R&D, manufacturing, sales, and customer service for the Digital Alert Systems brand. The company continues to retain its hard-earned reputation for quality, reliability, innovation, and service to valued customers around the world. More information is available at

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