Vietnam Television Selects Jampro For Massive Turnkey Antenna Project

Sacramento, CA (September 5, 2011) -- Jampro Antennas of Sacramento, California has been awarded a major contract from Vietnam Television (VTV) to supply ten DTV-ready antenna systems to sites located throughout the Socialist Republic of Vietnam as well as facilitate installation and commissioning. Alex M. Perchevitch, Jampro president, announced details of the massive turnkey project from headquarters in Sacramento, CA.

“This is a massive project for VTV and we are proud to be part of a significant milestone in Vietnam’s television history,” said Perchevitch,.“For many years, we supplied Voice of Vietnam (VOV), the founder of VTV, with radio broadcast antenna systems. That excellent relationship and the proven field performance of our antennas has led to this award.”

All ten VTV sites will be equipped with Jampro model JUHD broadband UHF panel antennas, Jampro UHF combiners, Jampro Proline ridged transmission line and related RF components. Each site will be turned over to VTV as a finished, operating and tested turnkey installation.

JUHD antennas were selected by VTV for two primary reasons. Due to a modular design, they afford VTV flexibility to configure various elevation patterns so coverage can be customized to suit the topographical challenges of Vietnam which range from flat deltas to mountainous areas exceeding 3,000 meters.

Secondly, the antenna’s robust stainless steel construction has proven reliable in hot, wet tropical climates. Fiberglass radomes provide additional panel protection.

The antennas will be delivered DTV-ready for UHF bands IV and V and can cover a wide bandwidth for multiple channel operation.

Vietnam Television, or VTV, is the national television broadcaster for Vietnam. Each major city and most of the 64 provinces have their own TV stations. VTV broadcasts several terrestrial cable-satellite and regional channels, plus an international channel. VTV also has its own film production company, the Vietnam Television Film Center, or VFC, which produces made-for-television movies and miniseries.

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