Nucomm's Wireless Remote Camera System Hits Homerun With Houston Astros Game Ops

Receiver Captures Memorable Shots Around Entire Stadium

As RF clutter continues to increase at sporting venues around the country, the need for a consistent and dependable RF signals for stadium Fan Cam use is becoming a top priority for game operations departments. In order to avoid any interruptions in signal and to ensure their fans are presented with the best experience possible, the Houston Astros turn to Nucomm's CP2 Wireless Camera System to provide rock-solid reliable coverage for its 81 regular season home games.

"We first were introduced to Nucomm's CP2 wireless system after seeing it in use at the IDEA conference and were very impressed," says Kirby Kander, senior director of creative services, Houston Astros. "We were intrigued to see how it would work in our ballpark, and following a demonstration at Minute Maid Park, we were sold. The system was very convenient to assemble and we no longer have to run cable and set-up antennas daily."

Used for in-game close up shots during inning break features and pre-game ceremonies down on the field, Kander and his crew are now able to cover the entire stadium without having to worry about quality or loss of signal. In addition, Nucomm's CP2 wireless camera system allows the Astros to get close up shots of fans, which are the most memorable.

The CP2 wireless camera system is compact and simple to use yet sophisticated enough to handle a wide range of applications including sports production and remote camera paint control, as well as entertainment, broadcast, mobile and airborne production requirements.

The CP2 is a tri-band capable unit, which operates in the unlicensed 5.8GHz band, as well as licensed 6.4GHz and 7.1GHz bands without the need of any system hardware changes.

"We are very pleased that the Houston Astros have purchased the CamPac2 wireless camera system," says Stephen Shpock, president of the Vitec Group's Integrated Microwave Technologies. "Having the ability to take really unique shots is what the viewer enjoys and the CP2 system allows viewers to gain better coverage because they get perspective from different angles, whether it is on the sidelines, behind the plate, on top of the stadium, outside the locker room or from the players' view while on the playing field."

The system consists of the CP2 transmitter and DR2 diversity receiver. It is is an updated model of its industry leading predecessor, the Newscaster DR and offers new features that are better suited for remote sports production, including "intelligent" block down converters, which actually communicate to the DR2 receiver, to control various operating modes. By utilizing the ability to block down convert the received high frequency signals to UHF band signals in the 150 to 850 MHz range, the DR2 now has the ability to remotely extend its antennas to 1000 feet (using Belden 1694A cable), complete with DC power from the receiver, as well as other versatile modes of operation including a built in spectrum analyzer and system telemetry display.

By having the option to choose from two different versions of BDCs for the DR2, as well as interchangeable RF Power modules, these units can transmit and receive a wide range of frequency bands from 1.99 GHz to 7.1 GHz, depending on customer requirements, making these units truly world class products.

"The equipment has taken a major stress off my shoulders," adds Kander. "It's very refreshing to have a video signal that works day in and day out. The bottom line is efficiency and reliability; and we feel the Nucomm's CP2 wireless camera system is the best equipment available."