Frederick County Public School System to use Algolith Profanity Cleaner and Delay System for their live broadcasts

Audiences shielded from obscenities with profanity blocking system

Montreal, Quebec (August 12, 2009) — Algolith Inc, a leader in advanced world-class video processing solutions for broadcast, cable, satellite, and IPTV providers, today announced that Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) has selected the Algogear Profanity Cleaner and Delay System (PDS-1001-MD) for its school system in the Maryland area. FCPS will use the Algogear solution to delay both audio and video content during their live broadcasts. FCPS has 63 schools serving pre-kindergarten through grade 12. With a total of 40,155 students and 5,452 faculty and staff, television broadcasting has become a very effective medium for FCPS to communicate across this large school system.

The FCPS Television Department produces and broadcasts a wide variety of programs on Comcast Channel 18 in Frederick County. Programs can also be viewed live on the FCPS Web site. Programs include board of education meetings, bulletin boards, fitness and wellness programs, news, the NASA channel and other science programs. Additionally, a new call-in show called Board Chat premiered on July 15, 2009. The Algogear Profanity Cleaner and Delay solution will be especially important to block out any unexpected audio obscenities during this live call-in show.

“The Algogear Profanity Cleaning and Delay solution will be critical to the success of the broadcasting needs of our schools to keep our content ‘clean’ for our community audience,” said Tim Dean, Television Manager for Frederick County Public Schools. “With parents as part of the audience as well as being participants in our live call-in show, shielding their children from unexpected profanity is essential to the program’s viability.”

The Algogear Profanity Cleaner and Delay System

The Algogear PDS-1001-MD Profanity Cleaner and Delay System, delays both audio and video helping broadcasters manage unexpected "wardrobe" malfunctions, obscenities, or anything else that is not appropriate to air. It provides an inexpensive solution giving broadcasters the ability to “pixelize” the image and pass through sound, or to go to a safe channel for video, audio or both at the simple push of a button. To learn more, please read the following press release and product sheet.

“The Algogear PDS works like a charm. Furthermore, the installation was a snap,” added Tim Dean at FCPS. “We feel more confident and secure with a system like this in place that we are acting on behalf of the best interests of the community, especially younger members of our audience.”

US Supreme Court ruling requires broadcasters to develop plans to block profanity

On April 28th, 2009, the US Supreme Court ruled that the FCC was justified in changing its policy in 2004 to fine broadcasters up to $325,000 every time certain words considered obscene, indecent or profane are aired. The precipitating events were live broadcasts of awards shows in which celebrities used fleeting expletives. With this ruling by the Supreme Court, broadcasters are now required take extra precautions to block profanity during live programming.

While critics of this ruling have suggested that technologies to block profanity would be too costly (upwards of $100K), the flexibility of the Algogear solution has allowed Algolith to build a low cost profanity delay system to help broadcasters simplify the process for broadcasters who now need to put this technology in place. Algolith’s video processing cards are FPGA-based which allows the cards to be reconfigurable to any one of Algolith’s applications, making it a cost-effective solution for any broadcasters’ long term needs.

Algolith’s 1 Card, 1 Price, More Choices program: Flexible design provides low cost solution

The Algogear card is available for $5995, but because of the unique reconfigurable nature of the Algogear cards, Algolith customers can receive this new Profanity Delay System for free, simply by downloading it off the Algolith Web site. Algolith’s One Card, One Price, More Choices Program allows users to repurpose their Algogear card to any one of Algogear’s video processing applications— at no additional cost. One Algogear card holds the power of the entire line of 9 applications available from Algolith, including solutions for Signal Processing, Format Conversion, as well as Sync and Delay. All Algogear applications have the ability to run on the same card, providing broadcasters with the choice to select the cards’ functionality at one point in time, and repurpose the card to another function at a later point in time. This solution helps broadcasters save money by extending the life expectancy of the card, reducing inventory of spares and reducing support costs. Furthermore, it is an environmentally-friendly solution.

About Algolith

Algolith Inc., based in Montréal (Québec, Canada) is a privately held company founded in 2003 as a spin-off of Miranda Technologies. Algolith has developed the industry’s most advanced video processing algorithms, leveraging over 50 man-years of R&D and IP development. The company has built its reputation around delivering its patented core Intellectual Property (IP), an unparalleled portfolio of technology which significantly improves image quality in all formats.

Algolith Inc. develops advanced high quality video processing solutions for reconfigurable cards designed to delay, synchronize, convert and process signals in all formats for broadcast, cable, satellite, and IPTV providers. Algolith provides the best value in advanced image processing with a future-proof, flexible, modular platform. Algolith also develops specialized IP solutions which can be used for FPGA or ASIC implementations by OEM and IP licensees.

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