Linear Acoustic Myth Busters Tour Back in 2009 by Popular Demand

LANCASTER, Pa. — Jan. 26, 2009 — The Linear Acoustic Myth Busters Tour will be back by popular demand throughout 2009. Since hitting the road in June last year, the Tour has been met with great success as broadcast stations prepare for the DTV transition and address program loudness issues. Presented at local Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) chapter meetings across the U.S., the popular tour features audio experts addressing common misconceptions about the role of audio processing.

"Several guest audio engineers from local cable networks attended the Myth Busters Tour event here in Nashville, and they found it to be quite informative, especially when it came to program loudness issues," said J. Wayne Caluger, SBE Chapter 103 chairman. "Broadcasters are experiencing a growing number of complaints concerning the loudness of commercials. In addition, legislation has just been passed that requires television advertisements to not be overly loud. Myth Busters was extremely helpful in addressing both of these concerns."

Among the myths that the Tour addresses are the notions that DTV audio processing is unnecessary and that outdated radio equipment or recording studio gear can meet the needs of DTV. By presenting highly integrated professional processing solutions, Linear Acoustic also challenges the myth that many different pieces of gear are required to handle audio, metadata, and encoding.

"The Myth Busters Tour has been an incredible success in its first six months, which speaks volumes to the struggles that broadcast stations are having with the quality of DTV audio," said Christina Carroll, vice president of sales and marketing at Linear Acoustic. "Overwhelmed by complaints, broadcasters are looking for solutions to maintain their viewer base as they make the DTV transition. The Myth Busters Tour provides an invaluable tool in helping them understand the benefits of audio processing, and to see how comprehensive solutions can easily fit into their operations."

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New Myth Busters tour dates and locations:

Feb. 26 - St. Louis

March 19 – New York City

April 28 – Sacramento, Calif.

April 29 – San Francisco

April 30 – Fresno, Calif.

July 13 – Portland, Ore.

July 14 – Eugene, Ore.

July 15 – Medford, Ore.

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