PBS station’s transition to HD made simple with Algolith Upconverter and Noise Reducer

America's first educational television station HoustonPBS, selects Algolith for Transition to HD

PBS station’s shift to HD made simple with Algogear Upconverter and Noise Reducer

Montreal, Quebec (August 26, 2009) — Algolith Inc, a leader in advanced world-class video processing solutions for broadcast, cable, satellite, and IPTV providers, today announced HoustonPBS has selected the Algogear Upconverter and Noise Reduction XVC-1011-UC solution to transition its station from SD to HD to achieve the highest possible video image quality for its viewers. HoustonPBS holds a significant importance in the history of public broadcasting as it was America's first educational television station and was one of the founding stations of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in 1969.

Today, HoustonPBS broadcasts in High Definition (HD) on Comcast Channel 308 (KUHT HD)—a HD version of their analog channel. Some of the most acclaimed PBS series and specials are already available in high definition, including Nature, NOVA, American Experience, Great Performances, and more. Now, HoustonPBS viewers will have the ability to access all KUHT HD programming in high definition.

Superior conversion quality with aspect ratio control through AFD

HoustonPBS selected the Algogear Upconverter and Noise Reduction Solution for its advanced image quality, flexibility, and long life expectancy. “We needed a solution that would smoothly and seamlessly help us upconvert our SD signals to HD as a component of our HD transition toolkit and meet our viewers’ high standards for image quality,” said Marty Kirkland, director of engineering at HoustonPBS, KUHT-TV. “We had a particular requirement for superior conversion quality with aspect ratio control through AFD (Active Format Description) to help us maintain formatting control of our programming. We were also looking for true 708 standards support for closed captioning in HD. We were extremely impressed with the Algolith team at every level and commend them on their forward-thinking approach to broadcasting and the reconfigurable nature of their Algogear card. The cost savings was something we could not pass up. This gives us the choice and flexibility to extend the life of the card should we repurpose it in the future. I am becoming a big fan of the openGear frame and like the ability to reduce our spares inventory with the Algogear card serving as a back up to many of our applications.”

“Only Algogear offers the flexibility and cost effectiveness of a reconfigurable card and the most advanced de-interlacing available on the market”, said Yvan Ouellet, president and CEO of Algolith Inc. “Because we offer customers like HoustonPBS the ability to adapt their current card’s functionality to their future needs with one of our other Algogear applications at no additional cost, this represents considerable cost savings. Our Algogear line of solutions is constantly growing, in fact, we have expanded our product line from one product last year to nine products this year, so you can imagine the possibilities,” added Ouellet.

Best-in-class Upconversion and Noise Reduction together on one card

The Algogear™ XVC-1011-UC Upconverter with Noise Reducer delivers the technology of the Algogear Upconverter combined with Algolith’s industry-leading Noise Reducer, the Algogear VNR-1002-MD. This solution provides best-in-class conversion from SD to HD video formats allowing signals to be cleaned up and processed before being upconverted. The combination of both functions on one card offers a new level of integration. This technology provides broadcasters with more signal processing per card, significantly reducing their cost per channel. The XVC-1011-UC provides offers advanced de-interlacing, directional content adaptive scaling and adaptive detail enhancement for superior conversion quality.

Closed Captioning: Full support for both 608 and 708 standards

The Algogear™ XVC-1001-UC Upconverter and the entire line of Format Conversion Solutions from Algolith provide full support of both the legacy 608 and native 708 standards for Closed Captioning in HD, which is especially important in today’s mixed-format broadcast facility —where NTSC, SD DTV and HDTV simultaneously exist. The FCC requires that both 608 and 708 captioning must be present on video regardless of whether it is SD or HD. Algolith offers true support for the 708 standard in contrast with solutions that may only offer 608 downconversion.

1 Card, 1 Price, More Choices program: Flexible, Cost-effective and Future-proof

Algolith’s One Card, One Price, More Choices Program allows users to repurpose their Algogear card to any one of Algogear’s video processing applications— at no additional cost. One Algogear card holds the power of the entire line of 9 applications available from Algolith, including solutions for Signal Processing, Format Conversion, as well as Sync and Delay. The reconfigurable nature of the Algogear card means that Houston PBS has the flexibility to repurpose their cards to any other of Algogear’s video processing solutions– for free. All Algogear applications have the ability to run on the same card, providing broadcasters with the choice to select the cards’ functionality at one point in time, and repurpose the card to another function at a later point in time. This solution helps broadcasters save money by reducing inventory of spares and support costs. Furthermore, it’s long life expectancy makes the Algogear card an environmentally-friendly solution.

About Algolith

Algolith Inc., based in Montréal (Québec, Canada) is a privately held company founded in 2003 as a spin-off of Miranda Technologies. Algolith has developed the industry’s most advanced video processing algorithms, leveraging over 50 man-years of R&D and IP development. The company has built its reputation around delivering its patented core Intellectual Property (IP), an unparalleled portfolio of technology which significantly improves image quality in all formats.

Algolith Inc. develops advanced high quality video processing solutions for reconfigurable cards designed to delay, synchronize, convert and process signals in all formats for broadcast, cable, satellite, and IPTV providers. Algolith provides the best value in advanced image processing with a future-proof, flexible, modular platform. Algolith also develops specialized IP solutions which can be used for FPGA or ASIC implementations by OEM and IP licensees.

For sales information, or to find a reseller in your area, please contact sales@algolith.com or 1-877-ALGOLITH, or visit www.algolith.com .

About HoustonPBS

HoustonPBS serves to empower, engage and enrich the lives of the people of Southeast Texas. To that end, HoustonPBS provides a varied schedule made up of national Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) programming; award-winning locally produced programming; college courses; and select acquired programs. Beyond broadcast, our facility is also a site for town hall meetings, national videoconference broadcasts, and a variety of innovative community educational and outreach programs.

HoustonPBS was America's first educational television station and was one of the founding stations of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in 1969. HoustonPBS is supported primarily by viewer contributions with additional money coming from grants, special events and corporate sponsorships. The Association for Community Broadcasting (ACB) is a non-profit 501(c)3 support organization for KUHT.

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