Triveni Digital Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

Company Recognized and Respected Worldwide as DTV Authority

PRINCETON, N.J. -- Oct. 2, 2007 -- Triveni Digital, a subsidiary of LG Electronics (LGE), is celebrating its 10-year anniversary, having grown from a research arm of LGE to a foremost provider of innovative solutions for digital TV (DTV) providers and digital media distributors.

Originally “LG Electronics Research Center of America,” Triveni Digital was a pioneer in the development of DTV systems technologies during the early phase of the nation‘s migration to digital TV. The company‘s Java TV software was a cornerstone of the reference implementation. As one of the earliest providers of data broadcasting technology to U.S. broadcasters, Triveni Digital has turned sales and support of such systems into a profitable business. The company currently leads the U.S. broadcast and broadband markets with widespread deployment of its StreamScope™ video monitors and analyzers and is recognized for its key contributions to many of the ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) standards that guide the industry‘s evolution, including the more-recent A/78 DTV troubleshooting standard. In addition, Triveni Digital‘s GuideBuilder™ is the leading PSIP generator worldwide.

“We are extremely proud of our accomplishments as a company over the past 10 years,” said Mark Simpson, president and CEO at Triveni Digital. “We have come a long way from our earliest days of developing foundational DTV systems technology, to today where nearly every television station in the U.S. is using one of our solutions. We are now concentrating on the next phase of our company‘s development, in which applications for vertical market segments, such as digital signage or content distribution to mobile devices, will leverage our underlying systems expertise and product offerings.”

The fourth-generation StreamScope product line enables efficient MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 stream-quality monitoring, analysis, and troubleshooting on an enterprise scale. The latest StreamScope products work together to enable cost-effective deployment across a broadcast or broadband operation, whether on a local, regional, or national scale. Innovative elements of the new StreamScope architecture help to ensure program quality by including a rule-based monitoring system, a Business Intent Assurance™ feature, and stream-transformation monitoring.

Triveni Digital‘s end-to-end digital signage solution, Ensignia, offers users a complete and flexible means of moving educational, informational, training, branding, and marketing messages to specific sites and display screens. The system has been installed in a wide range of applications for every type of user, from banks and universities to first responders and state emergency networks.

The Triveni Digital GuideBuilder system provides mission-critical operational capabilities for both content providers and network operators by accurately generating PSIP data. Not only is this data mandated by the FCC, but it also forms the foundation for ATSC DTV transport streams and is critical to digital cable carriage of over-the-air broadcasts. GuideBuilder prevents errors in PSIP data that cause serious problems such as loss of program listings in electronic program guides (EPGs), inability of DTV tuners to find a channel, or absence of closed captions. The system‘s intuitive interface for managing program event information and flexible architecture ensure smooth integration into broadcast operations.

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About Triveni Digital

Triveni Digital, Inc., a subsidiary of LG Electronics, develops systems that provide for the management and distribution of data and metadata in digital television streams. Triveni Digital‘s products for DVB SI, ATSC PSIP, data broadcasting, stream analysis, and monitoring are renowned for their ease of use and innovative features. Working with leading industry partners, Triveni Digital employs an open and standards-compliant approach to the digital television market. More information is available at

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