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Lowell Telecommunications Chooses UTAH-100 Routing Switcher to Anchor New Million-Dollar Production Facility

In Tandem With TelVue Server, UTAH-100 Series Gives Community/Public-Access Broadcaster Smooth Path to Future Digital/HD Operations

SALT LAKE CITY -- July 12, 2011 -- Utah Scientific, the worldwide leader in routing and master control switchers, today announced that public-access broadcaster and media center Lowell Telecommunications Corporation (LTC) has placed the UTAH-100 series compact routing switcher at the core of its new million-dollar production facility in Lowell, Mass.

Based in the heart of Lowell's historic industrial district, LTC is a nonprofit organization that operates two public-access channels and one municipal channel for the city government, provides training, and makes its broadcasting studios available to local citizens. The recent expansion into the new facility gave LTC the opportunity to upgrade its production equipment and install a technical infrastructure that would allow the operation to grow and evolve into the future. To anchor the new facility, LTC chose the UTAH-100 routing switcher to work in tandem with a Princeton(TM) B3000-PRO broadcast server from TelVue Corporation. A custom software control module developed by TelVue uses an Ethernet connection to facilitate communication between router and server, with a Utah Scientific CP-1601 control panel on the same LAN enabling remote quality-control capabilities.

"Together, the routing switcher and server are the centerpiece of our infrastructure, so it was important that we chose state-of-the-art systems that we wouldn't have to upgrade in a few years. With the UTAH-100, we can continue to broadcast in SD-SDI today, but we have a smooth upgrade path for migrating to HD operations in the future. And, the 32x32 unit gives us plenty of expandability," said Eric Sack, director of technologistics, LTC. "So far, the UTAH-100 has lived up to Utah Scientific's excellent reputation for reliability and ease of use. Because it's a Web-enabled system, all we had to do was plug it in, navigate to an IP address, and configure it to handle any incoming or outgoing signal."

The LTC installation is the first result of a new partnership between Utah Scientific and TelVue Corporation, which will deliver fully integrated solutions featuring Utah Scientific's routing switchers and TelVue's complete line of broadcast servers.

"We are known for providing server solutions for any type of broadcast environment, whether analog or digital, SD-SDI, HD-SDI, or IPTV, and whatever our customers' requirements, Utah Scientific has a solution to complement our technology," said Daniell Krawczyk, national sales director, community broadcasting, for TelVue Corporation. "In Utah Scientific, we have found a partner that truly mirrors our high standards and reputation for product excellence."

"With its new router-server infrastructure, LTC is easily one of the most technologically advanced public-access broadcasters in the country. We're pleased that our UTAH-100 is playing such a key role in this new showcase facility, which fills a vital need to keep Lowell citizens informed and communicate with them using state-of-the-art technology," said Tom Harmon, president and CEO of Utah Scientific. "Our partnership with TelVue will enable us to leverage its expertise in the cable and educational arenas to expand our customer base in those markets, and we look forward to working with TelVue on future projects like this one."

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About Lowell Telecommunications Corporation Lowell Telecommunications Corporation (LTC) is a community media and technology center serving the diverse population of Lowell, Mass. LTC operates the public (Channels 8 and 95) and government (Channel 10) access cable channels for the community of Lowell. LTC offers training and education in creating media of all forms, ranging from Web design to live studio television production. The centeroffers membership to anyone who works or lives in the city of Lowell. LTC is located in the heart of downtown Lowell. More information is available at

About Utah Scientific, Inc. Throughout more than 30 years in business, Utah Scientific has earned its position as worldwide leader in routing and master control switchers by working with customers to meet their needs for advanced signal distribution and control technology. The company's confidence in its industry-leading products is exemplified by its renowned no-fee, 10-year warranty, and validated by multiple Frost & Sullivan Customer Service Leadership Awards. Additional information about Utah Scientific and its products can be found at