Harmonic Products at KOBA

KOBA 2012, Seoul, Korea

May 29-June 1

Harmonic Product Preview

Stand D312

Spectrum ChannelPort(TM)

ChannelPort(TM) is an integrated channel playout device for Spectrum(TM) media server systems. Combining channel branding and master control switching with clip playout on the industry's most trusted media server platform, the modular ChannelPort enables broadcasters, content owners, and service providers to speed the cost-effective deployment of new television channels through a simple incremental upgrade to their existing Spectrum architecture.

ChannelPort is a next-generation branded playout solution that combines clip playout functionality with critical channel-branding capabilities to simplify integration and workflow, lower equipment purchase expenditures, and reduce maintenance and operations costs. Because ChannelPort modules fit seamlessly into existing Spectrum media server systems and can be added incrementally at a very competitive price, broadcasters can extend their channel lineups quickly and with confidence. Support for a broad range of automation systems offers users the freedom to work with an existing solution or choose a new one that's best for their workflows.

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/Harmonic/ChannelPort.zip

Omneon(R) MediaGrid(TM) V3.1

Omneon(R) MediaGrid(TM) System Software Version 3.1 is designed to support the performance needs of high-end post-production workflows. Equipped with this software, MediaGrid storage systems can support ingestion, editing, color correction, grading, and manipulation of uncompressed media. This advance extends the success of previous MediaGrid versions in post-production workflows for use with high bit rate compressed formats such as ProRes 444 and Avid DNxHD.

Most post-production companies use complex and expensive Fibre Channel SAN storage because it has been the only alternative that meets their performance needs. MediaGrid provides the post-production industry with a new storage paradigm that will meet its demanding performance requirements, uniquely maintain consistent levels of performance over time, reduce costs, and simplify operations. MediaGrid comes with client-side multipathing software that can deliver more than a gigabyte per second of throughput to individual clients and tens of gigabytes per second of aggregate throughput the levels of bandwidth needed by applications that work with uncompressed content. This uncompressed content can be a single large file, or it can take the form of file-per-frame formats such as DPX.

ProView(TM) 7100

Harmonic's ProView(TM) 7100 is the industry's first single-rack-unit, scalable, multiformat integrated receiver-decoder (IRD), transcoder, and MPEG stream processor. Leveraging Harmonic expertise in intelligent function integration, it adds broadcast-quality MPEG-4 AVC and MPEG-2 video compression to the feature-rich ProView IRD platform, allowing content providers, broadcasters, cable MSOs and telcos to streamline their workflows easily and cost-effectively and decrease operating costs.

ProView 7100 addresses the vast spectrum of content reception applications, from single-channel decoding and MPEG-4 AVC-to-MPEG-2 transcoding to DVB descrambling and remultiplexing of multiple transport streams. With an advanced and dense multichannel descrambler, the ProView 7100 simplifies the deployment of (or migration to) an all-IP headend solution, and powers the launch of added-value services such as HD. It performs any-to-any transcoding of up to eight channels of H.264 to MPEG-2, allowing programmers to distribute superior-quality video content efficiently while using minimal satellite transponder capacity. Content can be received and transcoded in any resolution required.

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/Harmonic/ProView7100HR.zip

ProStream(R) 1000 with ACE(R)

Harmonic's ProStream(R) 1000 with ACE(R) transcoder harnesses the company's award-winning H.264 video compression technology to deliver exceptional video quality for multiscreen applications. With the new multiscreen transcoding functionality, it is capable of transcoding up to 20 HD streams and 80 adaptive streaming profiles in a single, dense, power-efficient 1-RU appliance. The ProStream 1000 with ACE is integrated with Harmonic's ProMedia(TM) file transcoders, adaptive bit rate packager and origin server, and Omneon(R) MediaGrid(TM) active storage system, enabling seamless and operationally-efficient deployment of multiscreen services. The combination of broadcast and multiscreen formats allows programmers, pay-TV operators, and terrestrial broadcasters to deliver high-quality video to traditional set-top boxes and devices such as tablets, smartphones, connected TVs, or PCs simultaneously without compromising on functionality or density. It also features an extensive array of stream processing functionality including multiplexing and encryption, as well as audio transcoding and CALM Act-compliant audio level control, dramatically reducing the rack space required to perform these tasks.

Harmonic Company Overview:

Harmonic Inc. (NASDAQ: HLIT) provides infrastructure that powers the video economy. The company enables content and service providers to efficiently create, prepare, and deliver differentiated video services for television and new media platforms. More information is available at www.harmonicinc.com.

Quote with Headshot

"Media companies worldwide face unprecedented challenges to do more with less, and these business realities are driving a desire for workflow simplification. They want solutions that deploy simply and work together in a meaningful, practical workflow. To this end, Harmonic has built an open, extensible, cost-effective, and highly integrated video file-based infrastructure that supports workflows including multiclient editing, studio production, integrated channel playout, and multiformat distribution. Together, all the new Harmonic products and enhancements at KOBA support real-world workflows that help companies increase their efficiency and productivity." -- Andrew Thornton, vice president of Asia/Pacific sales for Harmonic.