Broadpeak Solution Powers Content Delivery Network For Telecom Argentina

RENNES, France -- Oct. 11, 2011 -- Broadpeak, the leading provider of content delivery networks (CDN) and video-on-demand (VoD) servers for cable, IPTV, and hybrid TV operators worldwide, today announced that Telecom Argentina has successfully deployed the company's technology to launch its own CDN in Argentina, offering services to users around the country with initial POPs located in the cities of Buenos Aires, Rosario, and Córdoba. The Broadpeak solution, deployed by Broadpeak's local strategic partner Technology Bureau, makes Telecom Argentina owner and operator of a robust CDN that enables the company to eliminate costly, ongoing CDN provider fees while also earning additional revenues by monetizing the CDN through direct lease and wholesale operations.

The deployment signifies an important step ahead for Telecom Argentina, Argentina's largest telecommunications group and network service provider. By creating its own CDN, Telecom Argentina can now monetize its network like never before, breaking free of the traditional model in which operators and content providers are at the mercy of third-party CDNs. The network operator can now easily lease space on its own network without requiring intervention from a third-party CDN or, leveraging Broadpeak's management tools, offer resellers the opportunity to lease and manage the space.

Founded in 1990, Telecom Argentina offers local phone lines, long distance fixed voice, mobile, data, and Internet services, as well as ICT solutions, information centers, transportation, video, and multimedia content delivery, directly or through its subsidiaries. Powered by Broadpeak's BkM100 CDN Mediator, and the BkS200 and BkS300 families of live and on-demand streaming servers, Telecom Argentina now enables its content provider partners to deliver live and VoD programming directly to viewers on PCs or through Telecom Argentina set-top boxes using the open Internet (i.e. "over-the-top").

For the installation's central control system, or system manager, Telecom Argentina selected Broadpeak's BkM Mediator, a unified CDN manager. The BkM Mediator administers the bandwidth and enables the efficient delivery of content over any type of network. Telecom Argentina uses the portal to easily define how content is distributed to different points of presence. Working in sync with the BkM Mediator, the BkS200 and BkS300 streaming servers provide a unified solution for delivering content via managed or open Internet networks to a variety of platforms. While the BkS200 is used to stream content in Adobe(R) Flash(R) format and SHOUTcast/ICEcast formats for web radio streaming, BkS300 is deployed for streaming video content in Microsoft(R) Windows Media(R) and Silverlight(R) Smooth Streaming formats. By combining the most popular streaming formats, the BkS200 and BkS300 platforms can help Telecom Argentina's content partners reach their respective audiences over multiple screens, future-proofing the deployment to account for the growing number of over-the-top rollouts worldwide.

"We test-ran the installed Broadpeak system for a trial service to a media broadcasting company during the broadcast of Copa America, the oldest international continental football competition and one of the world's most widely viewed sporting events, held earlier this year," said Martin Ortiz, CDN product manager at Telecom Argentina. "The test involved an internet streaming service for the radio and television channels that have the emission rights, reaching approximately 30 thousand internet users simultaneously or 15 Gbps of IP multimedia streaming traffic. We have been highly pleased with the results. We are glad that in this highly competitive market, we have found a technology provider that understands our needs and allows us to deliver to our customers a value proposition with a profitable combination of services and infrastructure."

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