Harris Broadcast strengthens Versio functionality for channel-in-a-box deployments

Harris Broadcast’s unique spin on channel-in-a-box design was a focal point at the company’s 2013 NAB Show booth, with new automated playout features and improved ease of use that give broadcasters more freedom and flexibility to manage and grow single- and multi-channel operations.

Harris Broadcast introduced its Versio integrated playout solution at the IBC show in September, delivering the industry’s most complete all-in-one solution to help customers rapidly launch, expand and sustain their on-air TV channels and services while strengthening revenue growth and protection. This week, the company demonstrates new HD/SD simulcast, playlist control, and graphics management features to bolster channel-in-a-box impact and efficiency for broadcasters.

The abundance of new Versio features comes as Harris Broadcast begins global shipments, with sales on four continents to date. The company will demonstrate the following new features this week:

• HD/SD simulcast, allowing customers to drive a second channel using content from the primary Versio output — without additional hardware requirements or playlist management. Versio enables distinct on-air looks for HD and SD, with unique graphics for each output driven from a single list.

• Single playlist control, allowing Versio or external Harris Broadcast ADC™ or D-Series™ automation to playout HD/SD content derived from one playlist, with appropriate graphics to match. 

• Branding engine updates to “read ahead” in the playlist and automatically create and trigger “Coming Up Next” graphics (sometimes referred to as “Now/Next”) for current/future program lineups. The read ahead function is dynamic, immediately accepting changes if the lineup changes.

• After-effects plug-in for rendering high-quality animations from master effect libraries, and enabling that content for graphics playout. 

• Timeline-based event sequences for graphics playout, allowing creative staff to easily build graphic layouts containing many layers, elements, timing and effects in a timeline view from a web interface.

• DVE editor improves speed and efficiency for creating DVE effects for multiple resolutions using an easy to use web user interface. 

At its core, Versio combines baseband video, channel branding and graphics, and automated workflow capabilities in an easy-to-deploy, software-based, 1RU solution. Flexible software-based configurations allow customers to use on-board graphics, master control and server capabilities combined with their choice of internal or external automation and media control, with options to leverage external Harris Broadcast and third-party components to suit unique workflow needs.

Versio furthermore offers simple integration with production, traffic and billing, scheduling, asset management, content playout and master control functions — taking full advantage of existing facility workflows for maximum return on investment. Ultimately, broadcasters can accelerate channel launch times, reducing months of preparation to weeks or days by slashing resources required for traditional channel launches.