SK Telecom Demos In-Vehicle ATSC 3.0 Mobile Broadcast

SEOUL—SK Telecom announced that it has completed a successful test of transmitting an in-vehicle, full HD terrestrial TV broadcast using the Next Gen TV standard, ATSC 3.0. This demonstration, which took place in South Korea earlier this week, was a collaboration between SK Telecom, Sinclair Broadcast Group and Harman International Industries.

The demonstration was a combination of the ATSC 3.0 standard and 5G telecommunications technology. During the test, SK Telecom reported that the full HD live broadcast offered four times clearer screen quality than DMB’s and they were able to show different kinds of advertisements playing on each of the vehicles three screens while the car was in motion. Live traffic, road and restaurant information was also automatically delivered via ATSC 3.0 when the car entered a specific zone.

In addition, SK Telecom showcased a multiview service that allowed viewers to watch a terrestrial sports broadcast from different angles simultaneously and replay specific plays in slow-motion. The multiview display is provided by ATSC 3.0 transmitting video from the broadcast’s main camera, while 5G network streams handle additional live camera feeds.

Next steps for SK Telecom and Sinclair, according to the official release, will be to apply Mobile Edge Computing and Network-Based Media Processing solutions for 5G to the next-gen standard to produce low-latency augmented reality and virtual reality displays.

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