Tristar Singles Out For-A Hanabi HVS-1000 switcher

May 4, 2007
Fairfield, New Jersey-based Tristar Products Inc. recently purchased For-A's HVS-1000 Hanabi switcher.

Tristar Products is home to several soundstages with HD multicamera capabilities, where it creates infomercials for a host of celebrity-endorsed products. The HVS-1000 is located in a state-of-the-art digital control room and the switcher can be routed to control any set within the facility.

The HVS-1000 comes with eight inputs as standard, and can be configured for up to 16 inputs. Four still pictures can be stored in frame memory and five standard outputs are included--expandable to seven outputs. One channel keying is standard with up to three independent key layers and key edge/shadow generators available. The two optional keys can be used for chroma-key operations.

The HVS-1000HS supports 1080i, 24p, 720p and standard-definition formats; which the company said was an important feature because Tristar also produces outside projects on a for-hire basis. Tristar has successfully completed more than half a dozen projects since the HVS-1000 was installed.

"This switcher works very well with our cameras and our set up. It helps us give our clients exactly what they want," Tristar Products Technical Director John Rybacki said.

Currently, Tristar has four HD cameras wired to the HVS-1000, with plans to upgrade the switcher in the works. The ability to add features as needed and ease of upgrade were selling points, according to Rybacki.

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