Replacement DTV Translator Filings Begin Jan. 5

December 31, 2008
Tuesday the FCC released Public Notice (DA 08-2818) announcing it would begin accepting applications for replacement DTV translator stations beginning Jan 5, 2009. As explained in last week's RF Report, the replacement DTV translator service was created to provide a way for stations to fill in areas where their DTV coverage does not replicate their analog coverage. Stations will not be allowed to file for frequencies above Channel 59, and if they want to use Channels 52-59 they will need to show no in-core channels are available. Coverage is limited to areas where DTV coverage does not replicate analog coverage, although the FCC will consider applications that expand coverage if the extension is necessary to cover the loss area.

Because the rules for the service have not been finalized, the FCC will withhold processing of the applications pending the outcome of the proceeding. However, stations that desire to immediately begin operating temporary replacement digital TV translator facilities while their application is pending may apply for special temporary authority (STA) through the CDBS electronic filing system.

The Public Notice (DA 08-2818) has information on how to file for replacement DTV translators. Refer to the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (FCC 08-278) for details on the proposed replacement digital television translator service.

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