New DTV Receiver System From Broadcom Meets A/74 Recommendations

August 24, 2007
This week Broadcom announced an ATSC receiver system for the NTIA’s digital-to-analog converter box program. The BCM3543 includes a Channel 3 or 4 NTSC RF modulator and remote control support. In the announcement, Broadcom states, “An ATSC-compatible antenna design is also available exclusively from Broadcom. The BCM3543’s antenna provides a high-performance indoor solution that only requires a single cable interface, eliminating difficult and costly outdoor installation.” No details were provided on the antenna, but Broadcom notes that BCM3543 includes EIA/CEA-909 smart antenna support.

The BCM3543 product brief says the DTV system-on-a-chip, including BCM3431 LNA and BCM3418 tuner, meets ATSC A/74 receiver performance recommendations and is NTIA compliant. Broadcom didn’t provide detailed RF specifications or equalizer range but claims “Superior ATSC signal reception and demodulation under both static and dynamic multipath conditions.” Total power consumption is less than 8 W and standby power consumption is under 0.1 W.

Pricing is available from Broadcom on request.

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