Membership Grows, Issues Persist for NAB

October 29, 2004
The NAB hopes to put the lid on indecency in 2005.

The broadcast lobby was already up to its neck in DTV transition alligators when Janet Jackson's attire fell apart in January during Super Bowl half time. Broadcast indecency since became a Capitol Hill cause celeb, and NAB subsequently appointed a task force to define responsible programming.

The final product from that initiative is expected to be available by spring 2005, according to minutes from NAB's October board meeting.

The minutes also indicated that a grand total of 35 TV stations joined NAB since last year, moving membership up from 1,072 to 1,107. A plan to write up a strategic paper "outlining options and polity positions" for small-market stations was also initiated.

The TV-only board unanimously adopted a motion to extend term limits from two consecutive two-year terms to three.

Regarding the organization's many trade shows, NAB2004 was apparently so lucrative it beefed up coffers, which were referred to as being "in excellent shape, thanks primarily to an extremely successful Spring Convention in Las Vegas."

Seizing the day, staff said NAB hired consultants to develop a five-year plan to enhance the annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas.

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