Harris to Sponsor CBS HD Coverage of March Madness

February 16, 2005
Well, here we are again contemplating March Madness, the annual NCAA basketball tournament. This year, CBS announced that the number of games broadcast in HD will rise to 39, from 12 in 2004.

For the second year in a row, Harris Corp. has agreed to underwrite CBS' HD coverage of the NCAA tourney. In 2004, HDTV coverage aired from a single first-round game site and a single "Sweet Sixteen" game site. In 2005, HDTV coverage includes 24 games from four of the eight first-round venues. All 12 Sweet Sixteen games from four sites will be aired in HD this year, as will the two semi-final games and the championship game. All HDTV games will also be aired with 5.1 channel sound.

This is a chance to revel in college basketball in all its HDTV glory. The first round of games will air from March 17-20, and the championship game will be played on Monday April 4.

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