Game Creek Video Installs Wohler Monitoring Gear

December 31, 2008
Six Wohler VMDA-SUM8 audio monitors are part of the two-vehicle Game Creek Video "Liberty" mobile production unit.
Wohler Technologies recently announced that Game Creek Video has installed Wohler VMDA-SUM8 analog/digital audio monitoring equipment in the company’s new Liberty two-truck high-definition mobile production unit.

The Hudson, N.H.-based video production company installed six of the VMDA-SUM8 to provide both versatile monitoring and mixing of intercom aux inputs.

"We've always worked with Wohler audio monitoring products, and we selected the VMDA-SUM8 for Liberty because it provides eight channels where most systems offer just four or six," said Jason Taubman, Game Creek Video’s vice president of design and engineering. "The summed output feature on the VMDA-SUM8 also was a major factor in our purchase decision, as it offers operators the convenience of creating a small eight-channel mix-down into one headset."

The VMDA-SUM8s are typically used for following IFB talkback, network return audio and producer and director hot mics. A separate level control is provided for each of the unit’s eight inputs, allowing operators to comfortably balance all sources in the summed mix. A trim pot is also available to set a master level.

Game Creek Video’s Liberty production unit also makes use of several other models of Wohler audio monitoring equipment.

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