Fujitsu Provides Real-time HD via IP, DVB

April 11, 2007
Fujitsu Computer Products of America has introduced a video encoder/decoder unit the company said enables "broadcast-quality high definition" using video over Internet Protocol (VoIP), as well as Digital Video Broadcast networks.

The unit (model IP-9500) uses H.264 video encoding, which enables live transmission of HD at about half the bit-rate of typical MPEG-2 encoders, according to the company.

The encoder/decoder offers real-time HD transmissions over IP and DVB that are receptive to existing broadcast applications and networks, and includes forward error correction for IP network deployment for rendering decoded images on networks with large error rates.

Fujitsu said a compact design and sturdier-than-typical construction (along with low latency encoding), makes the IP-9500 suitable for ENG fieldwork. The unit can be directly connected to most HD cameras and displays using HDMI or HD-SDI interfaces.

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