DBC Uses Scopus Codico Technology for Headends

November 5, 2004
Digital Broadcast Corporation (DBC), a Roanoke, Va.-based provider of MMDS services is using Scopus' Codico technology to monitor and control its headend system.

The Codico technology will be used to broadcast over the multichannel multipoint distribution server (MMDS) frequency that enables AirCable America--a DBC subsidiary--to provide DTV to subscribers within the 50-mile range of Roanoke, Va.

DBC is using the Scopus NMS-4000 broadcast headend network management system to monitor and control its compression system. The system includes Codico E-1000 encoders, IRD-2600 receivers and RTM-3800 multiplexers that work with third-party for products.

The E-1000 is a 1RU MPEG-2 encoder that supports 4:2:2 and 4:2:0 profiles and Dolby Digital encoding.

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