CNN HD Brings High-Tech to Debates

October 1, 2008
Those who think that TV screens are already cluttered enough during sports and news programming may wince at CNN's latest toy for presidential debates, while high-tech enthusiasts might finds themselves transfixed. Friday night (Sept. 26), during the first of three scheduled presidential debates, CNN HD rolled out some on-screen live stats (that changed second by second).

Perhaps most notable was an "audience reaction" box that consisted of three colored-coded lines running across the screen representing Democrat, Republican, and Independent voters. As each candidate spoke, the lines (prompted by a focus group) slowly slid across the bottom of the screen—the red, blue and green lines moving up for approval, down for disapproval, or flat-lining for "no reaction."

The audience-reaction box was also shown in CNN's 4:3 feed, although another new on-screen gizmo, an "analyst scorecard," was shown only in both side panels of the network's 16:9 HD feed.

As one might expect, the live on-screen stats were easier to decipher in HD mode. A screen capture of the HD graphics is posted online at TV Newser.

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