Broadcom’s Crystal HD Chip enables Laptop HD

December 30, 2009
Broadcom Corporation, which makes semiconductors for wired/wireless communications, has unveiled its next-gen chip (Crystal HD) geared to enabling low-powered, HD playback for laptops, netbooks, desktop PCs, and other portable video devices.

The chipmaker says its newest offering coming here in the post-holiday season is timed to take full advantage of the growing demand for providing access to personal offline video, as well as online HD content— including streaming movies and TV shows in 720p or 1080i to small portable devices that are not priced as top-of-the-line models.

Broadcom’s BCM70015 single-chip Crystal HD is designed to be a robust media accelerator that strives to provide steady-flowing HD streaming, the firm said.

Crystal HD also provides software support for Adobe Flash Player (version 10.1), as well as Windows Media Player (version 12), and according to Broadcom, fully supports other third-party media players (including both commercial and open-source).

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