BET Using Motorola MPEG-4 Encoding System

April 30, 2009

BET Networks, a division of Viacom, is now using Motorola’s high-definition MPEG-4/AVC encoding for delivery of its programming in HD. The new technology is integrated with the operation’s DigiCipher II satellite transmission systems and provides efficiencies in bandwidth utilization and content distribution.

"Growing consumer demand for high definition programming spurred our decision to partner with Motorola to roll out the new channel," said Deidre Jackson, BET’s senior vice president of technology and operations. "We have enjoyed excellent video quality and reliability using Motorola DigiCipher II over many years. Being able to merge this easily with Motorola’s new MPEG-4 HD equipment has made this transition to HD transmission seamless for us."

Programming encoded with the Motorola MPEG-4 gear is uplinked/downlinked on the DigiCIpher platform and then decoded by Motorola DSR-6050 units which are able to transcode the MPEG-4 signals directly into MPEG-2 video for delivery to cable subscribers with legacy set-top equipment. The company claims up to a 75 percent reduction in transmitted bandwidth.


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