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FCC Releases Public Help Video for Broadcast TV Transition

WASHINGTON—The spectrum repack is getting to the point where it will be impacting the public, and as a result the FCC is offering some pointers on what needs to be done for those watching over-the-air TV through an antenna.

With local TV stations across the country changing their over-the-air broadcast frequencies between now and July 2020, the FCC has released a YouTube video that shows how viewers can rescan their TVs, explaining that it is the same scan that is done when setting up a TV or converter box for the first time.

The FCC emphasizes that this is only needed for those who use an antenna to receive local channels. Service providers will do it for cable and satellite TV subscribers.

This is another part of the FCC’s $50 million, Congress-approved public information campaign to assist viewers as the repack process continues. The FCC previously announced a special call center meant to help people rescan their TVs and has a TV Rescan web page.

You can watch the FCC rescan video below.

For more information on the repack, visit TV Technology's repack silo.