WSKG chooses Crispin System 2000 for digital transition

The Crispin System 2000 will automate a number of areas at WSKG-TV including master aspects of master control.

Non-profit public television station WSKG-TV in Binghamton, NY, has placed an order with Crispin for its System 2000 to support asset management, satellite recording, media ingest, device control, traffic translation and control of six channels for on-air playback.

The Crispin solution includes nine workstations, each focused on a specific workflow task.

The project includes Omneon servers and NVision routing controlled by Crispin System 2000 automation. It will allow the station to transmit HD signals as well as multiple channels of SD. SignaSys, a San Jose, CA, systems integrator was responsible for the station’s digital master control rebuild.

WSKG selected Crispin’s RecordScheduler to execute consecutive daily schedules of program acquisition events. Operators can manually record events or create a complete daily schedule generated via program templates in AssetBase.

With RecordScheduler, WSKG can record parallel events, allowing for overlapping or simultaneous record events.

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