Wohler Technologies focuses on custom audio designs

Wohler Technologies exhibited several new custom designs in rack audio and video monitoring solutions at the recent NAB show. Among the new standard metadata, Dolby E and Dolby Digital, multiformat audio monitoring solutions Wohler showcased are a couple of custom designs specially tailored to major broadcasters audio and video monitoring needs.

The AMP2-S8MDA is Wohler’s audio monitoring and conversion product and has easily been customized for specific broadcast needs. Having dual format technology, HD and SD-SDI inputs on the same connection, four AES/EBU Digital inputs, eight unbalanced analog inputs, front panel summing of any combination of up to eight channels and eight 53-segment level meters showing simultaneous VU and PPM, this product is a powerful monitoring solution. Monitoring closed captioning via the AMP2-S8MDA can be handled by use of an LCD status display of CEA-608 closed-captioning data while also providing all of the multichannel, multiformat and conversion solutions.

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