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Wheatstone partners with ENCO to provide AoIP

Wheatstone has announced that its AoIP (audio over IP) drivers will begin shipping to ENCO Systems for integration into the company's DAD audio automation and playout delivery systems for the radio and TV broadcast industries. The AoIP driver can replace sound cards in DAD workstations, allowing cost savings and performance advantages when working with compatible Wheatstone gear.

ENCO VP of sales and marketing Don Backus provided his views on the growing relevance of AoIP, noting that ENCO users value advanced technology and design engineering, making the added support of the Wheatstone AoIP driver within DAD attractive in terms of infrastructure cost savings and product performance. The Wheatstone AoIP driver transports audio to and from a delivery system over an Ethernet network, eliminating the need for audio cards while providing greater flexibility.

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