Web page makes filing comments on proposed taping rule simple

The NAB is making it easy for broadcasters to sound off to the FCC about proposed rules that would require them to record and retain all of the programming they air.

The commission, which is considering the proposal to make it easier to enforce several rules, including restrictions on obscene, indecent broadcasting, will make its decision on whether to institute such rules based largely on comments filed with the FCC, a page on the NAB Web site contends.

According to the association, some of the issues raised by the proposed rulemaking include:

  • The cost of recording and storing thousands of hours of broadcast programming;
  • The burden on stations to staff employees to comply with recording requirements;
  • The burden of requiring programming recording on each and every multicast channel stream.

The association’s Web site provides a link for broadcasters to file comments with the commission.

The deadline for comments is Aug. 27. Reply comments are due by Sept. 27.

Visit the NAB site to make a comment to the commission.

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