Weather Channel invests in Ross OverDrive

Ross Video announced The Weather Channel has invested in the OverDrive Production control system to achieve increased production value, efficiently, for its primary program’s breakaway live production needs.

The OverDrive system will be used initially for studio production for severe weather programming targeting selected parts of the U.S. The system gives The Weather Channel the flexibility to produce more content, while increasing production values.

For the past several years The Weather Channel has conducted a thorough amount of research and was first introduced to the OverDrive concept at NAB2005. Ross presented a fully functional demo on-site at TWC addressing all engineering and operational requests and concerns. The Weather Channel will be using OverDrive in conjunction with a Synergy 3 MD-X digital production switcher. OverDrive will interface to a number of the network’s existing systems including: servers, robotic cameras and graphics systems. The network has targeted to be up and running with the system by fall 2006. OverDrive will be installed in a new control room at the Network’s studio location in Atlanta, GA.

OverDrive extends the reach of the technical director to include control of video servers, audio mixers, robotic cameras and more. The centralized control offered by OverDrive gives the ability to execute a more consistent, sophisticated production on the air without increasing staffing levels.

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