VDS upgrades NFL on-air graphics

VDS has performed major upgrades to a number of on-air graphics systems it has developed for the NFL Network including a new look for the NFL Ticker. Driven under automation control, the NFL Ticker is the primary graphics tool used for conveying scores, stats, league and team news, and other information on the NFL Network 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition to the revamped look, VDS has integrated support for the display of scores, stats and news for NCAA Division I college teams within the ticker. STATS is providing the scores and statistical data for NCAA coverage. All data is being processed by the VDS GameTrak Client/Server system and stored in the Sportbase central database developed by VDS to support clients throughout the sports broadcast industry.

VDS has also revamped the look for the NFL RedZone Boards system, which provides real-time in-game scores and leader/stats information, and are displayed continuously on the NFL Network each Sunday during the NFL football season.

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