TVE selects EVS for XXII Goya Awards

For the second consecutive year, Spain's TVE selected EVS equipment for the live broadcast of the Goya Awards, the main Spanish film awards. The equipment was used at all steps of the ceremony production, from ingest to program playout, including delay and on-the-fly editing.

Five EVS XT[2] production servers networked via EVS' XHub system were used to record, store, stream, edit and play out the incoming video feeds from various cameras during the awards ceremony. In addition, one XStore[2] running EVS' CleanEdit nonlinear editing software was also connected to the network for editing.

During the live broadcast, one operator was in charge of building the main playlist that was aired with the delay on one output of an XT[2] server, while using another output for trimming purposes. When a portion had to be edited, the clip was sent to the CleanEdit, where the operator there could quickly make the necessary changes and send the clip back to the first operator, so the clip would make it into the main playlist on time.

Three different cameras recording to several XT[2] servers were streamed at a time, through the XFile’s streaming application, to the CleanEdit during the production, so the editor could choose images or cutaways from different camera angles for his final edit.

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