TV 2 Norway selects FusionPro+ for sports and news production

The FusionPro+ MultiViewer from Zandar.

TV 2, a commercial television channel in Norway, has installed Zandar’s FusionPro+ MultiViewers in a new news studio and sports playout area in its Bergen-based location.

TV 2 was established in 1992 and employs 550 people. The company has two main offices in Bergen and Oslo. Many smaller satellite locations around the country, such as Trondheim, communicate with these main offices for centralized IT resources, information management and support. TV 2 operates 22 hours a day, 365 days a year. A contract between the broadcaster and the Norwegian Football Association spurred the launch of five new sports channels and the formation of a brand new studio for news production. These new channels went live on April 9.

In the news studio, the FusionPro+ MultiViewers drive smaller LCD monitors placed closer to the operators. These monitors have replaced the traditional large monitor wall. The MultiViewers in this studio production area also utilize the Zandar Dual Head (ZdHT) option to display across two LCD screens. Any of the 26 inputs on the FusionPro+ can be viewed on either display, including horizontal spanning and it has highly functional dual device redundancy. Another FusionPro+ MultiViewer system is used for monitoring the playout of the five sports channels. A compact control environment is created using close-up monitoring and a touch screen for the Pro-Bel Morpheus automation.

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