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Trinity Broadcasting Network chooses Studer Vista 8

Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) recently revamped its Nashville production facility. In making the move from SD to HD, TBN selected a Studer Vista 8 console as a key component of its upgrade. The network, which reaches 104 million households globally, also outfitted seven control and edit rooms in the facility with JBL LSR4300 Series studio monitors.

Russell Hall, TBN Nashville’s station manager, explained TBN’s reasons for choosing the Studer Vista 8. “We’re a global broadcaster, the sixth-largest broadcaster in the world. We produce a wide range of content including Christian educational, worship, variety, music, entertainment, children’s and even sitcom programming. We recognized that our existing 16-year-old analog broadcast facility could no longer meet our growing requirements, and upgrading it involved nothing less than a complete overhaul. Basically, we gutted everything and went from analog broadcast straight to HDTV,” Hall said.

“For us, there was no other choice but the Vista 8, because of its audio routing capabilities and flexibility,” he said. “TBN had already done three HD renovations of other production centers, and we had been putting in a complicated system of audio routers. We found that the Vista 8 eliminated the need for all of that. The Vista 8 can handle all of our audio routing needs with capability to spare. Its touch-screen control interface is easy to use, which is especially important for live TV broadcasts. And, its sound quality is excellent.”

The Studer Vista 8 is a premium performance digital mixing console with a Vistonics user interface, which provides a clear, easily understandable display of all operating parameters to promote fast, easy operation. Vista 8 advanced features include 7.1-channel surround-sound mixing capability, dynamic automation, a sophisticated snapshot system, dedicated mute groups and more. The Vista 8 also enables seamless integration with other Studer products via the Studer RELINK audio network system.

TBN Nashville already had Soundcraft Vi6 consoles in place for the studio floors and theater, and, because both brands are part of the Harman International family of brands, integration proved to be quick and seamless.