Studer consoles capture Swiss Parliament in Bern

The Swiss Broadcasting Corporation has opened an all-new facility for its Federal Parliament Radio & Television Center near the parliament building in the capital of Bern. There, the Produktionszentrum Bundeshaus records and broadcasts roughly 14,000 radio and TV productions of the proceedings each year. With six new radio studios, all equipped with Studer’s on-air digital audio consoles, the center has completed its transition to becoming a fully digital facility.

In 2001, the center started to implement digital technology, and the move to new facilities has completed the process, with DAVID DigaSystem production systems on each journalist’s desk, a tapeless server and Studer OnAir 3000 digital audio mixers in each of the six radio studios, together with a Studer Route 1000 System.

Journalists are able to accomplish most of their work on the desktop workstations, apart from tasks that require the use of an open microphone. For this purpose, there are six mini-studios for recording voiceovers or telephone interviews. The rest of radio program production is handled with three interview studios, which can be self-operated, and by three larger round-table studios, each with room for up to six guests in discussion or phone-ins, plus a booth for a studio engineer.

The Bundeshaus Produktionszentrum produces its output in five languages, as journalists supply program material to Schweizer Radio DRS, Radio Suisse Romande, Radio Svizzera di Lingua Italiana, Radio Rumantsch and Swiss Radio International. The journalist uses a workstation to gain access to the editorial system of the corporation, which is centrally held, but archived according to the region. When the journalist starts using any Studer OnAir 3000, the system parses the user’s password and logs him directly into his own region, using the appropriate language, making all the audio consoles interchangeable.

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