Sony to unveil BC-L500 battery charging system

At NAB2006, Sony will unveil the BC-L500, a quick charging system that can charge up to four batteries simultaneously. The system features a compact 19in high design, allowing it to be placed in a rack or on a shelf or desktop. Two units can be vertically stacked, and inputs and outputs located on the front panel allow for easy access even in confined spaces, such as an ENG van.

The front panel also features a charge status indicator, as well as a warning indicator for potentially damaged or defective batteries.

The system is compatible with an array of Sony Lithium-Ion batteries, including the BP-GL95/65, BP-L60S, BP-L90A/60A/40A and the BP-IL75. About 150 minutes of charge time can be achieved. The system is expected to be available in August.

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