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Softel-USA, Mindhouse offer 10 days to interactivity

Mindhouse can deploy its Mindset service delivery platform within a broadcast infrastructure along with Softel-USA’s MediaSphere playout solution to put any existing interactive application from an iTV vendor on the air in 10 days, according to the company.

It’s “From Zero to Interactive in 10 days” offers:

  • An operations center the ability to configure, deploy and monitor all interactive services from one interface;
  • The viewers static, dynamic or 24/7 services, from a centrally managed games delivery platform to a 24/7 news service;
  • The editorial team the ability to churn applications and any dynamic content within those applications, from game prize lists to breaking news headlines.

Mindset and MediaSphere decouple dependencies inherent with vendor-specific solutions, allowing users to focus on broadcasting quality interactive services.

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