SIS Live’s Driveforce Hits The Road For Sky Sports

Outside broadcast, satellite uplink and product design specialist SIS LIVE announces the deployment of its new 1.8m vehicle mounted antenna DriveForce. The SNG vehicle delivers high bandwidth transmissions with the ability to transmit at any location including those, like golf courses, where exceptionally windy conditions prevail.

SIS LIVE is currently operating a new dedicated DriveForce SNG truck for Sky and has launched an additional 6 DriveForce vehicles to support Sky Sports News and other news and sport customers.

With increasing demand for high bandwidth HD transmissions, many existing systems use mounts developed for small aperture antennas, bolstered to take a larger reflector, thus compromising the design. With DriveForce, SIS LIVE have designed a mount optimized to carry the large antenna and capable of operating in wind speeds of up to 60mph, almost double that of competing products. The high performance carbon fiber system is fully automated, capable of very high bandwidth or dual path transmissions and incorporates SIS LIVE's differential antenna control technology to find and track any satellite within seconds.