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Silicon Labs Acquires Energy Micro

In April I reported Silicon Labs Unveils Complete ‘Radio-On-A-Chip’ – New I.C. converts RF input to baseband audio output. Last week the company announced it was acquiring Energy Micro, based in Oslo, Norway. Privately held Energy Micro offers, according to Silicon Labs, has “the industry’s most power-efficient portfolio of 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) and is developing multi-protocol wireless RF solutions based on the industry-leading ARM Cortex-M architecture.”

This is a significant development, as most tablets are based on ARM architecture, and Energy Micro's experience in low-power devices will make it easier to include chips that offer broadcast signals such as HD Radio, and perhaps at some point in the future, mobile TV, in portable devices without compromising battery life.

The announcement said that the company intended to use “these complementary embedded technology platforms and expertise to enable the industry’s most energy-efficient solutions” in connection with “the proliferation of battery-powered portable electronics devices.”

I'm sure we'll hear more from Silicon Labs. Let's home one of those announcements benefits consumers using broadcast (radio or TV) technology.