Sennheiser Sound Academy continues educational focus

No matter how many texts and manuals one reads on technical audio topics like studio recording or wireless frequency coordination, the best tactic for learning the nuances of these professions is through personal instruction and experience. Sennheiser's Sound Academy seminars present new tips and tricks for the best possible audio experience, while also offering answers to real-life technical problems.

Established in late 2006, the Sound Academy has quickly become a sought after experience for those in the broadcast, theater, film and music industries. Led by Sennheiser's resident audio experts, the Sennheiser Sound Academy offers two separate, one-day seminars — one devoted solely to RF wireless and the other to studio recording.

Presented by Sennheiser's chief engineer Mike Pappas, the studio seminar allows attendees to brush up on basic studio microphone skills or learn helpful advanced skills to obtain the perfect studio sound in intimate, interactive training environments.

Volker Schmitt, who played a key role in the development of several Sennheiser products, and Joe Ciaudelli, Sennheiser’s industry team manager for professional products, will teach the RF wireless seminar. The RF seminar is designed to teach attendees how to plan for trouble-free operation of multichannel wireless mics and personal monitoring systems in the toughest environments.

Since its inception, Sound Academy has hit more than 10 cities, many of which are located in the national hubs of RF and studio recording activities, including Washington D.C., Denver, San Francisco, Miami, Orlando, New York, Universal City, CA, Las Vegas and Nashville. About 600 participants have taken part in the Sound Academy thus far. In the coming year, interested professionals and students can look forward to an enhanced curriculum and seminars that include lunch, complimentary giveaways and informative workshop materials.

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