SeaChange powers OnDemand TVs H.264-based HD IPTV rollout

SeaChange International customer OnDemand TV is launching one of the world's first IPTV on-demand services to offer high-definition programming encoded in the H.264 video compression standard.

Beginning next month, FTTH-connected subscribers around Tokyo and Osaka will have access to on-demand libraries of high-definition movies, sports and other programming.

H.264 enables television operators to deliver high-definition video streams in less than half the bandwidth required by MPEG-2 and other standards over a wide variety of network environments, including DSL and wireless.

The SeaChange platform in place at OnDemand TV is supporting the service provider’s expansion to H.264. OnDemand TV became the world's first on-demand service delivered over IP v6 fiber-optic networks, taking full advantage of the SeaChange IPTV system's capabilities for delivering multiple media formats and bit rates.

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