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Russian journalists learn one-man ENG style from U.S. pioneer

ENG pioneer, a one-man-band advocate and Downtown Community Television co-founder Jon Alpert is conducting a week-long ENG technique seminar this week in Moscow to help train journalists from the most remote areas of Russia.

Alpert will make presentations on electronic newsgathering technologies and techniques, and on how to report despite government and corporate controls on information, ethics and corruption.

Journalists attending the seminar, sponsored by Russia’s independent Internews Russia, will shoot stories using Alpert’s techniques. He will provide critiques and guidance.

According to Alpert, the journalists will shoot with equipment similar to U.S. prosumer gear, such as the Panasonic AG-DVX-100, and use wide-angle lenses, shotgun mics and wireless mics. The goal of the exercise is to teach one-person crews how to paint “intimate portraits” in the field, he said.

Internews Russia is an independent media organization that aims to promote independent media in the former Russia. Through Internews Russia, Alpert’s Downtown Community Television set up the first independent news media center in the former Soviet Union.

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