RTW TM7 wins design award

The wave of new products designed to help broadcasters deal with the mandates of the CALM Act continues to roll.

RTW, the German company that has been providing analytic tools to the audio and video industry for nearly a half century, recently announced that it won a Product Design Award at the recent International Forum Design competition.

The 19in model of the TM7 TouchMonitor has eight analog, eight digital and 3G-SDI ports, which can be used in user configurable combinations. A USB port is also provided, which will allow the user to import and export presets and access license updates and firmware upgrades from the RTW site. An online help function is provided, and the user can monitor discrete signal groups and multiple instruments at one time, with a maximum of 16 signals displayed at one time.

“We are very proud that the International Forum Design has once again chosen RTW, this time for the design of the half 19-inch plug-in module version of our TM7 TouchMonitor,” says Andreas Tweitmann, CEO, RTW. “RTW is committed to providing the professional audio industry with the solutions it needs: devices that are both technologically advanced and well-designed. A lot of time and effort went into the design of this version of our TM7 and we are very proud our efforts have been recognized.”

For more information on RTW, visit www.rtw.de.