Reuters selects Panasonic P2 technology for ENG

Reuters has adopted Panasonic's P2 technology as the acquisition format for its global network of news bureaus.

Standardizing on Panasonic AJ HPX2100 cameras, Reuters' news bureaus will begin upgrading to solid-state tapeless P2-based operation in the second quarter of 2008.

The solid-state P2 recording technology will allow Reuters to move files around as it produces stories rather than tape, said Robert Kernot, global head of Reuters Visuals Development.

Reuters will deploy nearly 100 HPX2100 cameras in its global network of news bureaus. Each will use P2 technology in a variety of different workflows to accommodate the varied, individual bureau requirements. At larger bureaus, source material will be uploaded to Avid infrastructures for editing, while at smaller operations, the P2 media will be loaded directly onto laptops for editing. Camera operators and journalists in the field will be able to upload material to their bureaus via the Internet without having to deliver physical media.

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