‘Reactive’ buying will keep spending high, says Telecom industry analyst Infonetics

While the operators delivering mobile TV content in North America may not be making much money, suppliers of content security hardware and software across all media markets will carve up a $1 billion pie this year according to Infonetics Research's quarterly “Content Security Software and Appliances Revenue Forecast” report. According to the report, by 2013, that pie will top $3 billion.

"Many companies react to … threats … in their networks by investing in content security on an 'as needed' basis," said Jeff Wilson, Infonetics Research principal analyst for network security. "This reactive buying and lack of planning makes it impossible to stop spending on content security in many cases, which, in turn, keeps the content security market going."

Although the report doesn't call out mobile TV per say, it's not hard to project its findings to world of exploding mobile content and entertainment channels.

The full 2009 report comes out Oct. 27, 2009, and delves into worldwide and regional market share, market size, forecasts through 2013 and analysis of content security gateways and suppliers, broken out by software and appliances.