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Panphonics directional speakers help create natural soundscape for Nobel NightCap

Panphonics, a provider of directional audio speakers, were used at the annual Nobel NightCap event, Dec. 10, after the Nobel Prize banquet at the Stockholm School of Economics. The Panphonics Sound Shower speakers helped to create a natural soundscape using sounds from the radio program “Morning in Nature” in a section of the Nobel NightCap venue. Driven from an iPod, the aural footprint showcased the focused, directional audio capabilities of the Sound Shower speakers, which deliver sound directly to intended targets without affecting surrounding areas.

The Nobel NightCap, the final event after the annual Nobel Banquet, is a coveted invitation for government and industry figures to celebrate the Nobel laureates. The event, held every year on Dec. 10, rotates among four universities in Stockholm and was managed this year by students from the Stockholm School of Economics (SAASE).