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New Leitch CCS-TRAX to streamline master control workflow

Leitch Technology has released its CCS-TRAX, an application that integrates the operation of routers and processing products.

A key component of Leitch's Integrated Content Environment, CCS-TRAX exploits synergies between the company’s routers and processing equipment to streamline customer workflow and reduce error.

In a typical workflow, two steps are required for an operator to correct live incoming signals before going to air. First, the incoming signal must be selected with a router control panel. Second, signal parameters must be adjusted on a different control panel.

Because the operator must use two different control panels to make any corrections to the incoming signal, it is possible to inadvertently adjust a signal that is already on air.

With CCS-TRAX, the moment the operator selects the incoming signal with the router control panel, the associated audio and video controls immediately appear on the processing control panel, thereby eliminating the possibility of mistake.

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